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Growing up, I was always participating in some sort of sports: gymnastics, basketball, cheerleading, track, volleyball, softball, and the list goes on. Even in college, I participated in intramurals for my dorm. So there was this void that needed to be filled when I became an adult with a real job and a husband and a mortgage. That’s why I was so excited this fall to be on an indoor soccer team!

Adam’s played several seasons of indoor soccer, most recently co-ed. When he decided to organize a new team for the fall session including many people I knew from high school and college, I decided to try it out. Now, I never played soccer growing up, and indoor is an entirely different game, but I am in shape and knew from watching his seasons past that it’s always good to have extra bodies on the bench. Plus, I’m fearless at defense…and kicking the ball with your feet frees up your elbows to jab into someone’s gut!


Adam and Amanda before a game at Mockingbird Valley in Louisville

Here’s what I love about playing on an adult sports team:

– It’s social. I get to spend time with old friends (like my husband!), meet new ones, and be around large groups of people with similar interests.

– It’s exercise. Indoor soccer is fast-moving and requires a different type of fitness than running 8 miles does. And there’s at least one day a week I’m guaranteed a great workout and accountable to my team to give it real effort.

– Teams are fun. I love cheering others on, high-fiving my teammates, and the feeling of camaraderie you get from working toward a common goal.

– I get stress relief. Soccer is a GAME that you PLAY. It’s fun! Especially in a co-ed adult league, there’s no pressure and we can just be silly for an hour a week.

– There was shopping. I had to look like a real soccer player, right? So new shoes and cute socks were musts!

– It gets me out of my comfort zone. I have no idea what I’m doing out there, but I try hard, attempt to learn the rules, and enjoy the process. I’m proud to report that last week, I headed a ball (!), passed through a defender’s legs (not on purpose), and nailed a flawless cross-field pass to a teammate (on purpose). Small victories!

I’d encourage you to check out the leagues in your area; I know people who are in adult leagues for softball, bowling, and even kickball and dodgeball. Not able to make a commitment just yet? Get your friends and family together to throw the football around or get a game of catch going in your yard or a local park. Sweat a little, laugh a lot, and then tell me you don’t feel better!

– albledsoe

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